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About FoxArtist

The idea of establishing the company began in 2007 in Syria, where three young high school students thought about providing simple computer services to individuals. We started to work with some close clients and some local shops. The ideas quickly developed to include advertising services, technical and integrated technology solutions and some advertising campaigns that we launched, which led to the expansion of the work and establishment of an actual office in Damascus in 2009, where our dreams and ambitions began to become true.

We have embarked on a process of successes, developments and qualitative leapfrogging, working professionally and creating a good reputation until the office expands to include a number of employees and a continuous increase in customers from all over the world. In 2012, under the war, the office was established in Cairo, Egypt, in the name of FoxArtest. It became the main center for providing more services in Egypt, Syria and some other countries around the world, keeping pace with developments.

And so far we still do with all love and passion the work we always loved since it has been our hobby in childhood and until we grew up with this passion growing inside us.

an old picture of the office in Syria.

Our Team

Houmam Zakaria

Art Director

Anas Alkhatib

Web Developer

Mustafa Alhabash

IT Specialist

Marwa & Mona

Content Writers

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Nasr city - Cairo - Egypt

+2 1010 83 88 57