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IT Solutions

Comprehensive technical support solutions.

Network and Computer Services

Networks in companies are really important, because it makes the workgroup team do their job in harmony.

Internal networks are being set inside the company, it helps a lot to make the work easier and much faster, for example (Files sharing - User roles - Data backup - Printer sharing), all there feature and more are some of the benefits you gain after you setup internal network with server administration management.

External networks as well are being set between two companies/branches or more (VPN - Cloud).

Surveillance System installation

Video Surveillance or CCTV (closed circuit television), represents the largest segment of Security technology. Video cameras are used to observe an area and connected to recording device (DVR) or IP Network and monitored in a Control Room.

It can also be viewed using your mobile through a cloud application or (DDNS - Static IP), at any time anywhere if connected to the internet.

It allows you to playback the recording when needed.

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